Recruitment & Workforce Development

Workforce Development for Healthcare Professionals

Community Care Network of Kansas cares not only about the current workforce needs of community health, dental, and behavioral health centers in Kansas. We are also committed to working with our member clinics and partnered education institutions to develop workforce and retention plans for the future to ensure that Kansans continue to have the workforce needed to provide the care our communities desire. 

We are committed to providing support, training, and technical assistance to our members by utilizing local, regional, and national resources along with our teams expertise on these topics.

  • Workforce development plans
  • Retention plans
  • Engaging employees
  • Best ways to partner with students education institutions
  • Student scholarship, loan repayment and loan forgiveness programs
  • Job openings
  • Benefits of working for a community health, dental or behavioral center
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Marketing your center, community and building your brand
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Onboarding plans