Network Reports

Network reports offer the ability to compare individual experience with that of other participants. Links to Health Center Connections Network Reports follow below. These reports contain point-in-time information about the health centers participating in the HCCN. Services provided, patient counts, quality measures, health IT environment, and significant organizational events are some of the topics covered. Facts specific to the grant project, such as education provided, goals, and remaining action items are included as well.

Date Report
Dec 2023 Network Engagement Report – Aggregate information about the engagement of participating health centers in various aspects of the first 16 months of the HRSA-22-009 project.
Dec 2022 Network Report for HRSA 19-011 HCCN Project – A report of the overall success of the project that demonstrates the value of participation in the Health Center Connections HCCN.
Dec 2022 DRVS Usage Report – A report showing which components were used most, who had logged in, and what reports had been generated 1/1/22 through 12/5/22.
Sep 2015 Network Report – An updated version of the March 2015 report, which also includes a table of UDS high performers for 2014.
Sep 2015 High Performers – A page of graphs showing historic performance of network measures for the two high performing centers in each category.
Mar 2015 Network Report – This report was created for KAMU’s HRSA project site visit.

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