Azara DRVS

The HCCN has partnered with Azara to provide population health management and data analytics capabilities through the Data Reporting and Visualization System (DRVS). Azara DRVS is a centralized data solution for Community Health Centers, Primary Care Associations, and Health Center Controlled Networks. The system is used to facilitate care transformation, drive quality improvement, aid in cost reduction, and simplify mandated reporting. DRVS was designed in conjunction with the Mass League (the Massachusetts PCA), starting in 2008. The system initially performed individually customized analytics at each health center, but quickly moved to a centralized reporting platform containing standardized data from each participating entity. For more about Azara and DRVS, visit Azara’s website or read their blog.

NCQA Prevalidated for PCMH 2017 Standards

DRVS is prevalidated by NCQA to receive 10 Fully Meets Eligible Transfer Credits and 8 Partially Meets Eligible Transfer Credits toward NCQA’s PCMH 2017 scoring. DRVS also received a supporting designation (Practice Support) for 24 criteria in the PCMH 2017 standards. Auto credit is transferable to Azara’s PCMH client practices seeking NCQA’s PCMH Recognition. Azara’s PCMH eligible client practices must be actively utilizing the reviewed capabilities associated with Azara’s PCMH prevalidated product in order to be eligible for transfer of awarded auto credit. PCMH Prevalidation Resources are available in the Resource Section of DRVS HELP.

Implementing DRVS

The graphic below depicts the steps to implement DRVS. To initiate the process, the health center will need to execute sublicense and business associate agreements. Azara then works with the health center’s IT staff to create a connection between the EHR and Azara. The actual product implementation is a 10-12 week process during which Azara and health center staff work together to map the EHR data into DRVS, then validate that data and quality measures. The process concludes with staff training followed by an 8-week adoption period. Contact a member of the HCCN Project Team to initiate the process!