Advisory Council

Health Center Connections Advisory Council (March 2015-July 2016)

The Advisory Council for Health Center Connections was formed in early 2015 for the purpose of directing and monitoring the activities of Health Center Connections HCCN (Health Center Controlled Network). The members will work to build and strengthen Connections in a variety of ways:

  • Identify measures for determining quality improvement impact
  • Set improvement goals for participating health centers
  • Provide guidance on future direction of HCCNs, as funding opportunities evolve

Click here to access the Council Charter.

The Council began meeting in March 2015 and plans to meet monthly as needed. Meeting schedules, agendas, materials and notes are listed below.

Date Subject Agenda Materials Meeting Notes
6/8/16 Meeting PDF Quality Measure Report, DRVS Installation Tracker, Improving Quality Performance Presentation PDF
3/1/16 Meeting PDF Azara Presentation SlidesAzara DRVS Overview PDF
1/6/16 Meeting PDF HRSA-16-010 FOAHRSA-16-010 Governance Criteria PDF
12/8/15 Meeting PDF Public Health Registries PresentationPublic Health Reporting FAQs PDF
10/20/15 Meeting PDF PDF PDF
10/5/15 Quality Measure Follow-up PDF
9/15/15 Meeting PDF PDF PDF
7/20/15 Meeting PDF PDF PDF
6/3/15 Meeting PDF PDF PDF
5/7/15 Meeting/Quality Measure PDF PDF, Quality Measure Crosswalk XLS PDF
3/23/15 Kick-off Meeting PDF PDF PDF