Advisory Committee

The Health Center Connections Advisory Committee was added as a board-designated committee in July 2016 by a resolution of the Board of Directors. The Committee replaced the Advisory Council* which was in place at that time. The Committee will operate under the authority of the Board and report their activity as well as project status through financial and operational reports to the Board as a standing agenda item throughout the grant period.

The Committee will be comprised of one representative from each Connections participating health center, resulting in each having one full and equal vote in all actions of the Committee. A Board member will lead the Committee and communicate HCCN activities and Committee recommendations to the Board. The Committee will meet bi-monthly and meeting minutes will be recorded in compliance with Article VII, section 5 of the corporate bylaws.

Committee Members

Jessica MillerAtchison Community Health Center
David Brazil, ChairCommunity Health Center in Cowley County
Candra GoodFirst Care Clinic
Rhandi RexroatGenesis Family Health
Julie Elder, DOGraceMed Health Clinic
Angie SchmidtHealth Ministries Clinic
Maria HensleyHealth Partnership Clinic
David StowellHealthCore Clinic
Brett MiddletonHeart of Kansas Family Health Care
Amy Sielaff, SecretaryHeartland Community Health Center
Josie Thompson, Interim SecretaryHoxie Medical Clinic
Erin JankeHunter Health
Dani HollidayKonza Prairie Community Health Center
Mona BroomfieldPrairieStar Health Center
Jennifer ReddingSalina Family Healthcare Center
Alicia SmithVibrant Health

Committee Meetings

The Committee began meeting in August 2016. Meeting dates and approved minutes follow.

6/24/24Meeting planned
4/22/24Meeting held, minutes not yet approved
2/26/24Approved Minutes
12/18/23Approved Minutes
10/23/23Approved Minutes
8/28/23Approved Minutes
6/26/23Approved Minutes
4/24/23Approved Minutes
2/27/23Approved Minutes
12/19/22Approved Minutes
10/24/22Approved Minutes
8/29/22Approved Minutes
6/27/22Approved Minutes
4/25/22Approved Minutes
2/28/22Approved Minutes
12/13/21Approved Minutes
10/25/21Approved Minutes
8/23/21Approved Minutes
7/12/21Approved Minutes
4/26/21Approved Minutes
2/22/21Approved Minutes
12/28/20Approved Minutes
10/26/20Approved Minutes
8/24/20Approved Minutes
7/13/20Approved Minutes
5/11/20Approved Minutes
3/2/20Approved Minutes
12/30/19Approved Minutes
10/28/19Approved Minutes
9/11/19Approved Minutes
6/24/19Approved Minutes
4/22/19Approved Minutes
2/25/19Approved Minutes
12/17/18Approved Minutes
10/22/18Approved Minutes
9/19/18Approved Minutes
6/25/18Approved Minutes
5/10/18Approved Minutes
2/26/18Approved Minutes
12/18/17Approved Minutes
10/23/17Approved Minutes
9/13/17Approved Minutes
6/29/17Approved Minutes
4/24/17Approved Minutes
2/20/17Approved Minutes
12/19/16Approved Minutes
10/24/16Approved Minutes
8/22/16Approved Minutes

*Click HERE for Advisory Council information and meeting notes.Approve