School-Based Health Oral: Getting to YES with consents

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About this event:

Created by Kari Parker

This is the second in a three part webinar series based on School-Based Health Centers (SBHC). During this webinar, Tammy Alexander, School Based Health Alliance will briefly discuss the learning community experience and the change format utilized during the initiative and two members of the learning community, Georgia Famuliner, Smiles for a Lifetime, and Kimberly Bartolomucci, The Oral Health Forum, will share their experiences and examples of changes implemented to increase consents.
The School-Based Health Alliance program, “Strengthening School Oral Health Services and Growing the School Oral Health Learning Community,” was created in February 2015 to incorporate oral health into the ten largest education systems in the country. The School Oral Health Learning Community launched in September 2016, to increase the consent rates in the participating school districts and their school oral health programs. The school district teams addressed issues of oral health literacy and awareness, school engagement, and integration, outreach to communities, strong student and family engagement, strengthening the school district policy to support oral health in schools, and critical case management to ensure continuity between school oral health programs and community providers.
Organizational and Associate Members – No charge
Affiliate and Nonmembers 1 webinar $25
Affiliate and Nonmembers 2 webinars $45
Affiliate and Nonmembers 3 webinars $60
Community Care is applying for Continuing Education Credits for each webinar for Dental professionals.