Increasing DSP Retention through Peer Mentorship

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About this event:

Created by Kari Parker


This is a Relias webinar.  For more information visit or email. When we talk to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) at IDD and ABA organizations around the nation, we hear the same frustrations and challenges over and over.  Two of the big ones:

  • Unrealistic previews of the job that leave them unprepared for the challenges of providing daily support
  • Inadequate guidance and support form often-overworked supervisors

Peer mentorship can bridge that gap for DSPs. Getting advice from someone who has had similar experiencs and understands the real-world challenges of hte job can help a DSP improve their skills and increase the likelihood they will stay on the job.


Arlene Bridges, IDD & ABA product Manager, Relias


  • Creating a peer mentorship program
  • Identifying and training peer mentors
  • Using peer mentorship to retain your seasoned DSPs and nurture your new hires