COO/Operations Peer Learning Team Webinar

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About this event:

Created by Kari Parker

Welcome to the KAMU COOs/Operations Peer Learning Team! We hope you can join us for this team’s kickoff call, which will introduce participants to KAMU’s peer learning experience and address the role of operational leadership in the changing health care landscape.
Kansas clinics are evolving to meet patient needs and find their niche in the current tumultuous healthcare environment. As a clinic’s strategy evolves, so does its operational systems and processes. In turn, these operational changes affect the various roles of clinic leaders, providers, and other staff. During this call, participants will explore how their operational leadership roles have changed with the current environment, as well as what remains the same. In addition, the group will learn about the types of work and initiatives their clinic colleagues are involved in, and how they are approaching challenges associated with ongoing change.

Please think through the discussion questions below and be ready to share your responses:
1. As a clinic operations leader in today’s healthcare environment, what are your highest priorities?
2. What has changed about your role over the past year or two? What remains the same?
3. How are large movements such as Accountable Care Organizations, patient centered medical home transformation, and meaningful use of electronic health records affecting your role?
4. What do you want to learn more about so you can be more effective in your role?

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