KAMU CEO Learning Series 2014 – Creating Effective Dashboards

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About this event:

Created by Kari Parker

KAMU Webinar

Dashboards provide a “pulse” for your organization, keeping key management staff up to date with the most current data available. Automated dashboards, based in health information technology (HIT) systems, can greet senior administration each morning as they arrive at work or sign into the HIT, and provide them with the performance of your health center right up to the previous day’s closing time. When arrayed against goals, dashboard information allows them to evaluate progress and identify achievements in performance and goal attainment.

This session will focus on practical approaches to creating effective dashboards. It will raise questions CEOs need to address to design dashboards that are strong managerial tools, providing the right information to the right leaders at the right time.

Participants in this webinar will gain a working knowledge to assess:

•What data should be included on the dashboard, and who should receive dashboards
•Benefits of single dashboards versus multiple dashboards, and how multiple dashboards should be similar or different
•Use of dashboards to encourage high performance and productivity in meaningful ways, for managers and boards

*This event is only available for KAMU membership clinic CEOs only.
To register, please contact:

Cayla Lewis
KAMU Chief Resource Officer
(785) 233-8483