5 Dynamics: Leadership & Team Development Part 2


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  • June 11, 2020
  • Thursday, 12PM to Thursday, 1PM

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5 Dynamics: Leadership & Team Development Part 2

Thursday, 12PM to Thursday, 1PM
June 11, 2020


Community Care Network of Kansas

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5 Dynamics: Leadership & Team Development Part 2

Thursday, 12PM to Thursday, 1PM
June 11, 2020



Join Kyle Turner, assistant professor and clinical pharmacist, and trainer/coach for Primary Care Progress, as he guides individual and team approaches to learning and work using 5 Dynamics, an interactive tool which fosters optimal collaboration within a team. These two sessions will introduce participants to the core concepts of 5 Dynamics, explore the tool’s application in a team context, and delve into how this understanding might shift the way a team functions.

The cornerstone of these sessions is Relational Leadership™, the art and exercise of cultivating relationships as the first step to creating meaningful, sustainable change. The sessions will help develop participants’ Relational Leadership™ skills, fostering their ability to work effectively in teams, navigate changing environments, and maintain a sense of connection to one another, their organization, and overall purpose.

By the conclusion of the two interactive virtual sessions, participants will:

  • Understand the 5 Dynamics framework and how it applies to their individual approaches to learning, work, and collaboration
  • Review their own 5 Dynamics results and consider how this influences their behavior in different professional settings
  • Understand how to apply 5 Dynamics concepts to their teams
  • Complete a teaming exercise that demonstrates 5 Dynamics in action

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