Capital Investment Grants (CIG)

SFY 2024 Capital Investment Grant (CIG)

As part of the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 24 funding to safety net clinics, $1,250,000 is available for the capital investment grant program for state-funded community-based primary care clinics (CBPCC). State funding was allocated for the first time in 2008, specifically to enhance the infrastructure of the safety net. Due to the rapid growth in the number of patients served by clinics, the Legislature understood that this ongoing increase in patients could not be maintained without some investments in facilities, workforce, and knowledge base. The primary purpose of this grant program, therefore, is to achieve the Legislature’s goal: to increase the capacity of community clinics so that more underserved Kansans have access to and receive quality healthcare services.

The CIG program is a competitive funding process. Based on the number of applications that were received and levels of funding requested, not all applications received funding, and some projects were partially funded. 

In a change to the SFY 2024 CIG program, applicants may apply for funding between $5,000 – $100,000.

Only organizations receiving SFY 24 Community Based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC) Grants through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are eligible to apply for CIG grant funds.

For additional information or questions please contact Kari Parker or at 785-233-8483.

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