Capital Investment Grants (CIG)

SFY 2022 Capital Investment Grant (CIG)

As part of the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023 funding to community-based primary care clinic grantees, $500,000 is available through the Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program. The legislature began allocating funds in 2008, specifically to enhance the infrastructure of community clinics serving underserved Kansans. Due to the rapid growth of the number of patients served by these clinics, the legislature understood the continuing increase in patients could not be maintained without some investments in facilities, workforce and knowledge base. The primary purpose of this grant program, therefore, is to achieve the Legislature’s goal: to increase the capacity of community clinics so that more underserved Kansans have access to and receive quality healthcare services.

The CIG program is a competitive funding process. Based on the number of applications received and levels of funding requested. It is possible that not all applications will receive funding, and some projects may be partially funded.  Applications will be reviewed and scored based upon criteria set forth in the RFP.

The SFY 2023 CIG program allows applicants to choose between two tiers of grant opportunities with a required dollar to grant dollar match.

  • Tier One: mini-grants of $5,000 — $19,999; OR
  • Tier Two: major grants of $20,000 — $40,000

Organizations receiving SFY 23 Community Based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC) Grants through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are eligible to complete the required intent to apply form and submit a full grant proposal.  Organizations planning to submit the Intent to apply form and grant application are required to attend the mandatory Technical Assistance Webinar on August 16 at 11:30 a.m.

The SFY 23 CIG Grants have been awarded.  Congratulations to the awardees.

For additional information or questions please contact Kari Parker or at 785-861-7854.

Download Links Are Available Below
SFY 23 CIG Report Form
Change in Scope Form
2023 CIG RFP
SFY 23 Important Dates
Attachment B – Revised Line Item Budget Form
Attachment E – Revised Project Work Plan
SFY 23 CIG Post Award Recording and Presentation