Capital Investment Grants (CIG)

SFY 2021 Capital Investment Grant (CIG)

On November 11, 2020, Community Care awarded $500,000 in SFY 2021 Capital Investment Grants (CIG).

The CIG program is a competitive funding process. The SFY 2021 CIG program allowed applicants to choose between two tiers of grant opportunities with a required dollar to grant dollar match.

  • Tier One: mini-grants of $5,000 — $19,999; OR
  • Tier Two: major grants of $20,000 — $40,000

Based on the number of applications that were received and the level of funding requested,  not all applications received funding. Additionally, some projects were partially funded.

For additional information or questions please contact Kari Parker – 785-640-6301

Download Links Are Available Below
2021 CIG RFP
SFY 21 Important Dates
Grantee Financial Report
Change in Scope Request Form
Attachment B – Line Item Budget Form
Attachment E – Project Work Plan